Quality Framing

Our high quality framing service sets standards.
The Kingswood team have the skills and experience to frame your works of art with care and attention to detail. It’s these skills developed over nearly 35 years that sets Kingswood apart. All the frames are manufactured at our well equipped workshop in Welshpool.

Quality Framing from Kingswood Frames
Our friendly and knowledgeable team in our Shrewsbury or Welshpool shops will be able to advise you on the best frame for your project.

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“in my experience Kingswood provide a unique framing service of exceptional quality. All the team at Kingswood have always provided a highly professional, skilled and friendly service and as a professional artist I wouldn’t any other framer.”    – Jessie Hankin, Shropshire artist


Welshpool – 01938 554985   Monday – Friday  9am – 5pm

Shrewsbury – 01743 245 975   Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm   Saturday  10am – 4pm