Traditional Skills in a Contemporary Setting.

With over 20 years of gilding experience using real and artificial gold leaf combined with a large selection of paint we can create an endless range of finishes.

Gilding is a craft with origins in ancient Egypt. The process has changed little over 5000 years and our framers are proud of their skills.

Here’s the process: Gesso (often mistaken for plaster, similar in appearance but with glues to bind the chalk together) is sprayed onto a frame to give it an even coat. After sanding to a smooth finish, a clay-based bole is applied. The gold is so thin that we have to be careful to choose exactly the right clay, and this decision will impact on the final appearance. Red gives gold a hot fire look, black a more heavy finish and brown a softer colour.

Gilding from Kingswood Frames

The gold leaf is applied using the water gilding method which uses water mixed with glue and alcohol as a mordant.

We source gold from British goldbeaters who offer a great range in colours of leaf from 7 carat to 24 carat gold.


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