Frame Restoration

Kingswood’s Frame Restoration Service.

With a sound knowledge of frame manufacture, history and finishing we are able to restore and conserve any frame or gilded furniture.

We offer this service not only to trusts and museums but also to the general public.

After evaluating the condition we can suggest the best options for conservation.

A brief description of antique frame making

The core material for most 19th centaury frames is called ‘compo’. Composition is a mix of glue, chalk, oil and resin, and was created towards the end of the 18th century as a substitute for expensive hand carving.

The Victorians refined this process making manufacturing quick and less expensive.

Today we still use the same methods and materials with some modern improvements.
Frame Restoration from Kingswood Frames

Alternatively, if you have a hand carved frame that needs restoring, we can do that too by re-carving, colouring and replacing the missing pieces.

Our Friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to talk you through all aspects of the restoration process in our shop in Welshpool or Shrewsbury. Give us a call to talk about how Kingswood can help.


Welshpool – 01938 554985   Monday – Friday  9am – 5pm

Shrewsbury – 01743 245 975   Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm   Saturday  10am – 4pm