Hand Carved Sansovino Frame

The Carving Process

Recently, Tim has started a new range of hand carved samples and has now carved a full frame. The frame that Tim decided to carve was one style that he has always admired, a Sansovino frame.

This style of frame takes its name from the Italian sculptor and architect Jacopo Sansovino, who inspired the style of the frames with overlapping scrolls, garlands of fruit, masks and broken pediments.

We have recorded the process of this frame from drawing through to carving.

the first stage of creating this frame was to draw out the design on paper to scale. This design was then traced and drawn out onto a lime and pine frame and then reversed to make the design symmetrical.

Once this was done Tim then started carving out the floral pattern on the sight edge. After this stage the basic shape around the exterior of the frame was cut out with a band saw and fretsaw.

Smaller pieces of lime were then glued onto the frame to create high points for the faces, fruit and pediments.

Tim rough carved out the swags to give them a general shape before adding the detail later.

The following images show the final stages of carving up to the finished piece, which is now ready to be gessoed and gilded.