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Welcome to Kingswood Frames and Mirrors. We’ve been giving our care and attention to pictures for over 35 years, and that’s why we’re becoming one of the most respected framers in the country.

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About Kingswood

Kingswood Frames and Mirrors is becoming one of this country’s leading picture framers. Established over 35 years, Kingswood’s reputation for care and attention is known throughout the UK, and is why we’re in demand from artists, galleries, museums, other picture framers and the general public.

Kingswood is home to craftsmen and women, with skills that date back hundreds of years, but that have been re-developed in a modern, forward-thinking environment. Kingswood started life in 1979 and since taking over the company, owner Tim Haysell and his family have introduced carving, restoration, gilding and in house moulding manufacture as well as focusing on the specialist hand finished framing service that is winning Kingswood its reputation for excellence. Read more.>